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Trails in the Archive

In the years before Dayglo Fishermen formed, Peter Fothergill, the band's longest serving member, was involved in numerous musical projects, often concurrently. Most notable was his work with Richard Burton (who, of course, joined Dayglo Fishermen not long after), which resulted in six albums of material, all available to download on the More Music page.

But there was another project worthy of some attention. From 1987 to 1989 Peter worked with another local Hexham artist, singer Glen Davison. Together (and with the help of guitarist Kaleel Zibe) they wrote and recorded many songs with the intention of releasing an album. Unfortunately that was not to be. Glen found his interests lay more with club singing, which took up more and more of his time. Soon those songs were forgotten as Peter focused on his more promising work with Richard, and soon after with Dayglo Fishermen.

Nine of those songs Peter wrote with Glen were recently discovered on an old cassette tape in the archive at Dayglo Fishermen's Mammoth Studios in London. They are now available to download on the More Music page as the album 'Trails'. The tracks are typically 80s pop, and often quite frantic in nature. They were described by Dayglo Fishermen member Sean Wills, shortly after their discovery, as 'Michael Jackson meets happy hardcore - a kid hyperactive after scoffing too much Haribo'.

It would be difficult to describe them any other way.

The 'Trails' album cover, featuring Peter Fothergill, Glen Davison and Kaleel Zibe

They're all well worth a listen, and are a valuable addition to the musical history that pre-dated Dayglo Fishermen. More songs were written but they were not on the tape that was discovered. If and when they are found they will be added to the 'Trails' album.


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