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Dayglo Fishermen Website V8

The official Dayglo Fishermen website is revamped.


Peter Fothergill, Sean Wills and Richard Burton

A recording session is held in Cozmic Studios. Sean pays a visit and assists and advises as two tracks for the new album are completed.

Eleven songs are now finished. Only one remains...

Fans weep.


Album Covers 1990 - 2015

It's now 25 years since Dayglo Fishermen recorded their first song, 'Fish'. What was expected to be a one-song project bloomed into a quarter of a century of intense creativety and production, resulting in 18 studio albums and two live albums.

A truely awesome achievement, by anyone's standards.


New Album Trailer - 2015

A video teaser trailer for the forthcoming new album is released on Dayglo FIshermen's YouTube channel. The trailer features 30 tantalising seconds of music from the new album, and a glimpse of portions of the album's cover image.

Fans are stunned.


Midnight Souls Still Remain - Album Cover

Dayglo Fishermen release their new studio album, 'Midnight Souls Still Remain'. Featuring a compelling mix of energetic electronic rhythms and sophisticated guitar, the collection of twelve new tracks once again take the listener on an unforgettable journey.

It is eagerly consumed.

Midnight Souls Still Remain - Album Cover

Also this month the official and highly exclusive launch event for the new album takes place at Cozmic Studios.


After months of rumours, Dayglo Fishermen announce that they are to perform live once again at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK. The concert will take place on 10th September 2016, and It will be the band's first live event for almost five and a half years.


Concert Poster - 2016

The official poster to publicise the band's September concert is revealed.

Fans are thrilled.


Concert Trailer - 2016

The promotional teaser trailer for the band's 10th September 2016 concert is released.

The video creates a surge in levels of anticipation for what is certain to be one of the stand out entertainment events this year at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.


Limelight Concert - 10-09-2016

Dayglo Fishermen perform their much-anticipated 10/09/2016 concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

The audience will never forget it.



'Trails' album cover

Something was found hidden deep in the archive at the band's Mammoth Studios in London: a cassette tape, filled with songs Peter wrote with a singer name Glen Davison in the years before Dayglo Fishermen were formed.

All the songs are made available to download on the More Music page as the album 'Trails'.


'Live at the Moot Hall 1991' album cover

It's 25 years since Dayglo Fishermen performed live for the very first time at the Moot Hall, Hexham, UK on 21st December 1991.

To celebrate the band releases the live recording of that concert for download only on the More Music page. The recording had previously been for private listening (by appointment only) at the band's Cozmic Studios facility. Its public release is a remarkable gift to the world.

It is published under the name 'Live at the Moot Hall 21 Dec 1991'.


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