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Dayglo Fishermen launch their blog, known as the 'Production Log', which will feature in depth and behind the scenes articles on all aspects of the band.

It is set to become a remarkable source of information for knowledge-hungry fans.


Richard Burton and Sean Wills

Sean joins Peter and Richard in Cozmic Studios. It is a rare chance for the three to get together to write and record. As always the session goes extremely well and the guitar and bass guitar parts for two new songs are laid down.

Production of the new album is ahead of schedule, with the backing tracks for four songs now completed.

The band now wait for Ginny to perform her magic when she's ready to record the vocal tracks.


Ginny Owens prepares to sing

Ginny makes her first appearance in Cozmic Studios since production of the new album began. She records the vocal tracks for two songs.


Attack of the Desert People The Creature from Devil's Gorge

Two short animation films by Peter, and former Dayglo Fishermen band member David, are released on YouTube.

The films, titled 'Attack of the Desert People' and 'The Creature from Devil's Gorge', were discovered in the archives of the band's former production facility, Artlite Studios, and feature the band's music on their soundtracks.


Video Promo - I Can Dance Now

The dazzling and compelling promotional video for Dayglo Fishermen's 2010 song, 'I Can Dance Now', is released.

Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton in action

Also this month, an epic two-day recording session takes place in Cozmic Studios. The guitar tracks are laid down on the latest three songs, and the vocals completed on another.

The new album is slowly but surely forming into a remarkable piece of work.


Animation - CYBORG's Mission

An epic science fiction movie, titled 'CYBORG's Mission - The Last Hope' is released. It features music from Dayglo Fishermen's album 'Moons That Cast Their Light'.


In what has lately become a rare event, a recording session takes place in Cozmic Studios. With the usual flawless enthusiasm, Richard and Peter record the guitar tracks for the latest song of the new album. The lead vocals and backing vocals for another track are also recorded.

A guest guitarist is brought in to record a powerful and seemingly relentless solo.

The new album's production is now entering its final stages. There are only two songs left to compose, and only vocals to record on a few others.



Animation - CYBORG's Mission

After a well-earned winter break Dayglo Fishermen hold their first Cozmic Studios recording session of the year.

It could not have gone better.



Cozmic Studios is once again writhing with activity as an epic two-day recording session is held. Guitars and vocals are laid down for the new album, and three more songs receive their final mixdown treatment.

Video Promo - When You Came Along

Also this month the promotional video for the band's 2010 song, 'When You Came Along', is released. It is the final video for the album 'Moons That Cast Their Light'.



Peter Carmichael

The band are saddened by the news that Peter Carmichael, one of the four original members of Dayglo Fishermen, has died.

Although he left the band in 1992 his unique vocal and lyric style is still an inspiration to the current members.




Video Promo - But Where Were the Mice

In memory of Peter Carmichael a video for the song 'But Where Were the Mice' is released. The track featured on the Dayglo FIshermen's 1992 album 'And So It Is'.


Peter Fothergill and Richard BurtonA recording session takes place in Cozmic Studios. Ginny records some remarkable vocals. Now, nine of the new album's twelve songs are complete.


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