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Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton planning for the master mix

Despite weeks of arctic conditions bringing the UK to a virtual standstill, Dayglo Fishermen never miss a single recording session.

After putting the finishing touches to tracks nine and ten, the two songs are mixed and mastered. There is now only one song left to write and record before the new album is complete.


Dayglo Fishermen's first 18 albums

It's 20 years this month since Dayglo Fishermen formed, and since their first song, 'Fish', was recorded.

Over the last two decades the band has recorded an astonishing 18 albums - and that does not include the new album to be released this year.

An incredible achievement by any standard.

Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 7Also this month the Dayglo Fishermen website receives a 20th anniversary makeover.


Moons That Cast Their Light Cover Artwork

Dayglo Fishermen's 19th Album, Moons That Cast Their Light, is released, and for the first time it's initially released for download only.

Combining a retro feel with modern rock and pop, the album's tracks are are sparkling mix of synthetic and guitar textures, melded perfectly with layers of dreamy and often haunting vocals.

The album's tracks are downloaded eagerly.


Celebrating the release of 'Moons That Cast Their Light'

The official event to celebrate the release of Dayglo Fishermen's latest album, Moons That Cast Their Light, takes place at the band's Cozmic Studios Facility.

As usual the highly exclusive event featured copious amounts of grilled food and sparkling beverages.


Image from the Teen Angst video promo

The video promo for the song Teen Angst is released. It is the first promo from Dayglo Fishermen's recently released album, Moons That Cast Their Light.


Limelight Theatre concert poster - 2011

Dayglo Fishermen announce that they are to perform live on 26th March 2011. The concert will take place at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

The announcement is confirmation of rumours that had been circling since the release of the band's new album, Moons That Cast Their light.

The level of elation amongst fans is almost toxic.


Live at the Limelight - 2011

Acompanied by a stunning laser and light show, Dayglo Fishermen perform live once again at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

As well as playing crowd-pleasing classics such as 'Something's Watching' and 'Passion', the band delighted the audience with stunning versions of some of their latest songs, including 'Teen Angst' and 'Never a Shadow'.

It was an unforgetable night, and without question the band's finest concert to date.



Live at the Limelight - video - 2011

A series of videos recorded at Dayglo FIshermen's recent concert are released online.

My Voice - video - 2011

Also this month the hypnotic video promo for 'My Voice' is released. It is the second promo video for the band's 2010 album, 'Moons That Cast Their Light'.


260311 Cover Artwork

With surprising speed Dayglo Fishermen release a live recording of their March 2011 Limelight Theatre concert. The album, named '260311', captures the excitment, energy and ambience of the event in superb digital clarity.

Listening to this recording is as close as most people will ever get to attending one of the band's rare and exclusive concerts.

Downloads are numerous.


Parallel work Album Covers

The six solo albums released by Richard and Peter between 1988 and 1994 are made available to download.

The albums perfectly illustrate what was the foundation for the incredible imagination and passion that is evident in all Dayglo Fishermen's music.


Mammoth Studios

Dayglo Fishermen's new recording facility, Mammoth Studios, opens. The facility, located in the hills at the southern tip of London, UK, will be used to compose and record the electronic sections of the band's songs, with Cozmic Studios retaining its status as the band's primary production facility.

With the new studio up and running production of the new album commences.

Fans are delighted by the news.


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