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Peter Fothergill, Ginny Owens and Richard Burton -  reheasing for the Limelight Theatre concert - 2008

Rehearsals for the February concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury have reached a previously unknown intensity.

Unfortunately Sean Wills, who was to feature live on stage with the band, has had to pull out.

Dayglo Fishermen are determined not to let that news dampen the energy and excitement of the gig.


The February 2008 Concert - Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK 2008

The Limelight Theatre concert, the band's first for nine years, takes place.

The audience, initially stunned by the mass of aural energy that hits them like an interplanetary onslaught, are quite amazed by their experience.

It is an event that many will not forget.


It is ten years this month since Dayglo Fishermen's website first appeared. Since then the band has recorded six studio albums, and enhanced the website year on year into the sophisticated online presence that is seen today.


Dayglo Fishermen commence production of a new studio album. It is twenty months since the release of their previous album, 'I Can See a Boat ... It No Longer Floats', the longest break from recording that the band has ever taken.

Fans are relieved.


In the Limelight Cover Artwork

For the first time ever Dayglo Fishermen release a live album.

Recorded during the band's recent concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, the album, called 'In the Limelight', will go a long way to relieving the stress and disappointment felt by fans unable to get tickets for the concert.

Dayglo Fishermen concerts are rare, and live albums are rarer still. The new album is certain to be snapped up.




Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 6Also this month the Dayglo Fishermen website is redesigned to celebrate the start of a new decade of online music, news and information from the band.


Richard Burton, Peter Fothergill, Ginny Owens and Sean Wills - creating a masterpiece

Sean Wills is invited down to Dayglo Fishermen's Cozmic Studios facility to make his traditional contribution to the band's new album.

Despite some equipment failure, Sean and the band come up with a soul-stirring masterpiece.


For the first time Dayglo Fishermen can be seen on YouTube. The first video contains highlights of the band's February 2008 concert at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

The Cozmic Studios Facility - frozen on the outside, hot on the inside!Despite a Siberian weather front dumping a massive quantity of snow across the UK, Dayglo Fishermen do not miss a single recording session.

For the second month in a row the band suffer some equipment failure, but remarkably the production of the new album remains on schedule.


Dayglo Fishermen take a break from recordingProduction of the new album is progressing well. With seven phenomenal tracks already mixed and mastered, and another on the way, the album is shaping up very nicely indeed.


Peter Fothergill - doing what he does bestDuring a wet and stormy November weekend Peter, seen here at the very core of the Cozmic Studios Facility, puts the final touches to the multi-layered pounding synths of the latest backing track for the new album.

The track, scheduled to be completed before Christmas, will be the album's tenth. It is shaping up to be one of the hardest and fastest tracks Dayglo Fishermen have ever created. And the guitar parts are yet to be recorded!

The track may well rule the new album.


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