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Ginny is HugeThe half way point in the production of the new album has been reached. Six songs are now complete.

At this rate the new album will be released on time during the early months of 2006. Awesome!


Sean Wills - ecstatic...Former Dayglo Fishermen band member, Sean Wills, makes yet another visit to Cozmic Studios.

He's written some lyrics and slapped together some chords, and is keen to get his song on the band's next album.

After Peter and Richard add their magical touch, the song is recorded. It sounds remarkable, and reaches the stratospheric standard necessary for inclusion on the next album.

Sean is ecstatic.


Dayglo Fishermen's much anticipated new album enters the last few months of production.

Although the production is top secret, former band member Sean Wills is allowed into the Cozmic Studios facility once again to offer his opinion on the latest recording - an epic instrumental.

Something very special indeed is evolving in the digital domain of Dayglo Fishermen's 24-bit recording environment.


Richard Burton and Peter Fothergill contemplate  changes...The production of the new album is in its final stages. With the completion of the epic 14-minute instrumental, there are only two songs and some tweaks and changes left to be made.

Of course as fans are aware, Dayglo Fishermen's legendary perfectionist tendencies mean that those tweaks and changes will, if necessary, delay the release of the album.

Fans around the world keep their fingers crossed that the release date is not put back.


Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton - contemplating quality

Richard and Peter make a very difficult decision: the release of the new album must be delayed once again.

There can be no compromise on quality, no matter how desperate the fans are for the album's release.

Seen here standing outside their Cozmic Studios facility, Richard and Peter contemplate yet more improvements to an already awesome new album.

A difficult task indeed.


I Can See a Boat ... It No Longer Floats Cover Artwork

After a painfully slow three-year wait, Dayglo Fishermen's breathtaking new album, 'I Can See a Boat ... It No Longer Floats', is released.

With sound quality and creativity exceeding even that of the highly-acclaimed previous album, fans download the new tracks as if the world is about to end.


Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton - celebrating a momentious achievement

Dayglo Fishermen celebrate at the official launch party for the new album.


Limelight Theatre concert poster - 2008

After a long and well-earned break Dayglo Fishermen announce that they will play a live concert in February 2008 at the Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury, UK.

It will be the band's first concert this century!


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