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Peter Fothergill, Sean Wills and Richard Burton - chilling outside the Cozmic Studios Facility

Former band member Sean Wills makes a welcome return as guest artist. Within a few hours, Peter, Richard, and Sean compose and record a powerful and emotive piece of music. The track will appear on the forthcoming album.


Queen of the Sunset City Cover Artwork

After four months of agonising delay, Dayglo Fishermen's eagerly anticipated new album, Queen of the Sunset City, is finally released. Fans around the world breath a long sigh of relief.


Dayglo Fishermen group photo - 2003

To help promote the new album, and to celebrate the end of a gloriously warm summer, Dayglo Fishermen do a photo shoot on the front terrace of the Cozmic Studios facility.


Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 5

An all new website, and an all new web domain. Dayglo Fishermen move their website to

As well as a moody and deeply enchanting design, the new website now contains more than 140 complete Dayglo Fishermen tracks downloadable in CD quality MP3 format.

Fans are ecstatic.


Several more complete Dayglo Fishermen albums are made available for download. Now, almost all the tracks ever created by the band (numbering almost 200) can be downloaded in CD quality MP3 format.

Only the two tracks from Horoscope (and some unreleased material) remain unavailable.


Cozmic Studios, Dayglo Fishermen's Buckinghamshire production facility, is fitted out with the latest 24-bit digital recording technology.

Eager to use the new equipment, the band begins recording their next album.


Peter and Richard find creativity in a bottlePeter and Richard search for inspiration on a road trip to the south of France.

Unfortunately, the weather is terrible, so there's no choice but to hit the bottle.


Sean Wills returns from a long trip to the seventiesOnce more, former Dayglo Fisherman Sean Wills drops in to Cozmic Studios to unleash his talents. The results of his visit will appear on the next Dayglo Fishermen album.


Dave!For the first time in 12 years, David Fothergill, former member of Dayglo Fishermen, pays the band a visit. It is a momentous occasion.

Although Dave has not even touched a guitar since he left the band in 1992, he still manages to create an awe-inspiring solo of noise and energy which will feature on the next album which is scheduled for release in the early months of 2006.


Peter Fothergill creates sensational sounds for the new DGF albumProduction of the latest album is progressing well. With three tracks completed and mixed, and a forth in the final stages of production, things are going as planned at Dayglo Fishermen's digital production facility, Cozmic Studios.

Also, former Dayglo Fishermen band member Sean Wills pays the studio another visit. His smooth guitar licks add an incredible new ambience to the forth track of the new album.





Peter's hands work their magic




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