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Peter Fothergill at the Redeye, London

The final concert of the Space Dog tour takes place. The venue is the Redeye in Islington, London. It's one of the strangest venues the band has played. The audience loves it!

Production of the new album is progressing well.


Dayglo Fishermen - publicity shoot for the album Painting Aliens

The new album is reaching completion. In preparation for its release, the band organise a photo shoot. The photographer is Steve Wright.


Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 1

The Dayglo Fishermen website is on-line! Now friends of the fishermen can keep up to date with the latest news and information about the band anywhere in the world, and at any time.


Painting Aliens pre-launch publicity poster

The new album, with the curious name of Painting Aliens, is only two months from release. To inform the public of this event, a Painting Aliens pre-launch publicity campaign commences.


Painting Aliens cover artwork

One of the most eagerly awaited Dayglo Fishermen albums, Painting Aliens, is finally released. It is very well received indeed.


Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 2

The Dayglo Fishermen website is completely revamped. With an incredible new design, and the addition of new pages and more information, fans around the world are never out of touch.


Rock Garden concert posterA poster is designed and released to promote next month's Dayglo Fishermen concert at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London.

The gig will be the first of the band's Painting Aliens tour.


Dayglo Fishermen live at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London - a deeply emotional performanceThe first concert in the Painting Aliens tour is played at the Rock Garden, Covent Garden, London. It is the band's third concert at the venue.

The performance is one of Dayglo Fishermen's finest to date. The raw energy of Richard's guitar, and the seriously smooth power of Peter's synthetic wall of sound both complement perfectly the sensual and emotional delivery by Ginny of the vocals.

The fans are wild.



Dayglo Fishermen - live at the Garage, Buckinghamshire

The final concert in the Painting Aliens tour. Another private performance at the Garage, Buckinghamshire.


Dayglo Fishermen Website Version 3

The third incarnation of the Dayglo Fishermen website, named DAYGLO-NET, comes on-line.

As well as a sleeker, more intuitive design, the site includes an amazing jukebox feature. Now, for the first time in history, anyone with internet access can download MP3 format sample tracks from the latest Dayglo Fishermen albums.


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