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Peter Fothergill

During the spring of 1988 in the rural depths of Northumberland, a life-defining musical adventure begins. Meeting for the first time, Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton - both already experienced musicians and performers - begin to compose and record songs together with the intention of releasing an album later that year. The Artlite Studios facility is opened.


Richard BurtonOver the months that follow a strong musical relationship developed and what was initially intended to be a single album project is extended. The next couple of years see Peter and Richard's musical compositions evolve into highly original and evocative creations. Six albums are released - a perfect foundation for what will soon follow - the creation and rise of the band known as Dayglo Fishermen...


The original Dayglo Fishermen band members

In parallel with his continuing work with Richard, Peter begins another musical project with his brother, David, and two other friends, Eamonn Maddick and Peter Carmichael. A highly experimental song entitled Fish is recorded. Almost immediately, and seemingly out of nowhere, the colourful name 'Dayglo Fishermen' appears.


Drenched cover artwork

With great enthusiasm, nine more songs are recorded over the summer months, culminating in the release of Dayglo Fishermen's debut album, Drenched. The album is well received in the local press, and goes on sale in a local record shop. Copies are snapped up.


Dayglo Fishermen Funky Toaster video game

A video game - inspired by Dayglo Fishermen's psychedelic song, Funky Toaster - is completed.

Techmaster Eveready-Pow-R-Jam in action Rastamaster Dub-L-Joint Funkin Evil E MC Prof P


Dayglo Fishermen - recording Strange Plaice

High on the success of the first album, the Dayglo Fishermen begin recording the second.

Deeply impressed with the first album, Richard Burton joins the band. His unique guitar and vocal style bring a new edge to the band's sound.


Strange Plaice cover artwork

The second album, Strange Plaice, is completed and released. The public and press reaction is tremendous.


Still from the Until Now video promo

A video for the track, Until Now, is produced. It is an imaginative, energetic creation, full of trees and flowers, chimneys and shades.


Richard Burton and Eamonn Maddick rehearsing

Richard returns from a holiday in France to find that the rest of the band has started recording a new album. Excited, he grabs his guitar, shoves a microphone in his face, and joins in.


Fresh Gin cover artwork

In record time, the new album, Fresh Gin, is released. It is Dayglo Fishermen's most experimental music to date. It receives mixed, but generally positive reviews.

Fresh Gin is destined to become a cult classic.


Dayglo Fishermen - recording And So It Is

New ideas are flowing from the minds of the band members. They just have to get them down on tape, so production of yet another album begins.

Due to public demand, a concert has been arranged for Christmas. With reheasal and recording, it's a very busy time for Dayglo Fishermen.


Peter Fothergill - modelling the first ever DGF t-shirt

In preparation for the concert, Dave designs a t-shirt for the fans to purchase. It's a simple and elegant design - perfect for the current dance scene.

It is destined to become a rare and highly sought-after piece of clothing.


First Dayglo Fishermen concert

The very first Dayglo Fishermen concert at the Moot Hall, Hexham, takes place. Sean Wills joins the band on stage, adding another unique talent to the line up.

With boundless energy, the band generates a powerful kaleidoscope of sound, filling the ancient venue with aural madness. The audience is left feeling bewildered, but incredibly satisfied.


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