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Cozmic Studios 2012 - 2013
Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill Dayglo Fishermen - Sean Wills
February 2013. Richard selects the lyric sheets prior to Ginny's arrival at Cozmic Studios. When not in use the sheets are kept safely in plastic covers and hidden in a secure containment unit.

February 2013. With eloquence and patience Richard directs Ginny through another round of vocal takes. And the patience pays off. The results are breathtaking.

Dayglo Fishermen -Ginny Owens Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill
February 2013. As the air within Cozmic Studios slowly saturates with alcoholic vapour, Ginny continues to put in a powerful and thought-provoking performance.

February 2013. Even in the depths of a deep winter's night Peter's engineering prowess extracts every nuance of magic from Richard and Ginny.

Dayglo Fishermen - Ginny Owens
April 2012. The microphone is poised and ready as Ginny prepares herself for her first recording session on the new album. It's always considered a special moment in Cozmic Studios when the first vocal track of an album is recorded. Emotions are strong.

Dayglo Fishermen -  Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton
February 2012. Richard looks on with serious determination as Peter prepares to hit the record button. Richard likes to achieve perfection on the first take. And he often does.

February 2012. Preferring to squat in front of two bicycles than lounge on one of the Cozmic Studios Facility's luxurious chairs, Sean ponders the incredible dynamics of Richard's spontaneous bass riff.

Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill Dayglo Fishermen - Sean Wills
February 2012. Peter makes a rare request for a second take. Such a request is never refused.

February 2012. With his usual flair Sean delivers the perfect guitar line to end a song.


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