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Cozmic Studios 2009
Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill composing
November 2009. Viewed from an elevated perspective, Peter composes a retro-style synthesiser solo for the new album's tenth track. The suitably hostile autumn weather that's howling around the studio provides ample inspiration.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton
November 2009. Richard cannot resist the rich and smooth tones of Cozmic Studio's new synthesiser module. The new dimension it adds to Dayglo Fishermen's music is extraordinary.

November 2009. The guitar for the lastest track requires a thick and relentless series of high-energy high-speed twangs. Richard is not one to shy away from such a challenge.

Dayglo Fishermen - Ginny approaches the band's Cozmic Studios facility
February 2009. Despite the Arctic conditions that almost crippled the UK, Dayglo Fishermen never missed a recording session. Above, Ginny can be seen approaching the band's recording facility after a long and treacherous walk from her home. The dedication of the band is fierce.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton, Peter Fothergill, Ginny Owens and Sean Wills
January 2009. Sean makes a brief visit to Dayglo Fishermen's Cozmic Studios Facility. Despite a cascading failure of some of the studio's most critical equipment, the band write and record one of the new album's most incredible songs yet.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Ginny Owens
January 2009. Richard rehearses a deceptively simple guitar riff for a new song.
January 2009. Ginny listens to the lastest backing track as she enjoys the sumptuous new seating in Cozmic Studio's relaxation area.

Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill Dayglo Fishermen - Sean Wills
January 2009. Peter appreciates the luxurious feel of Cozmic Studio's new carpet as he reviews the music and lyrics for a new song.

January 2009. Sean's ability to appreciate the subtle textures of the new carpet and still hit the right notes impresses the band.

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