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Cozmic Studios 2006
Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton and Peter Fothergill
It is July 2006, and Richard and Peter take a break from recording. Standing outside the main entrance of Dayglo Fishermen's Cozmic Studios facility, they take a moment to consider the momentous nature and importance of their work, and to find the answer to the question: 'Where is Ginny?'

Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill composing and arranging
Peter makes some final adjustments to the new album's introduction sequence. It's a mezmerising piece, filled with complex apeggiated textures. Such a composition requires years of experience to record and mix successfully.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton and Peter Fothergill
Richard and Peter study the arrangement and lyrics of every song with great care and attention.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill
For Richard, every note, every nuance and every move requires strict rehearsal before recording can begin.

Careful planning and programming goes into every layer of sound that Peter places into each track.

Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill composing
Peter spends many lonely hours in the studio. It is during those times that the power of his synthetic prowess is at its height, and the heart of each song is born.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton strumming Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill tapping
The simple joy of an acoustic guitar is something Richard finds hard to resist. Add a little reverb and its beauty is sublime.

Peter taps out a fast background sequence for an instrumental track. Although it will be mixed far in the background, every note must be perfect.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton composing
With calm composure, Richard provides a seemingly effortless classical contribution to many of the tracks on Dayglo Fishermen albums.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Peter operates complex equipment
After countless rehearsals recording can begin. After each take, it is replayed and examined carefully. The word 'compromise' is not in the band's vocabulary.

It takes the dexterity of a brain surgeon to operate the complex controls of Dayglo Fishermen's digital recording equipment. Fortunately Peter posesses that dexterity.


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