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Cozmic Studios 2004 - 2005
Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill Dayglo Fishermen - Ginny Owens
It's the genesis of yet another new song. Peter begins the long, tough, but ultimately pleasurable task composing the backing track.

It's rare that Ginny allows photographs of her at work in the studio. This is one of those photographs.
Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Ginny Owens
Richard examines the final draft of yet another great set of lyrics. The lyrics for each song must be of the highest standard before getting production approval.

In preparation for yet another emotionally provocative vocal session, Ginny runs through the lyrics in her head.
Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - guitars
The difficult art of electric string plucking is something Richard mastered long long ago.

The guitars are lined up in Cozmic Studios' main recording suite, ready and waiting for Richard's next mind-blowing solo.

Dayglo Fishermen - Dave! Dayglo Fishermen - Sean Wills
Former Dayglo Fishermen Dave makes a brief visit to Cozmic Studios in the summer of 2004. Seen here in the facility's relaxation area, he performed a superb wailing solo.

Former band member, Sean, makes regular guest appearances on Dayglo Fishermen albums. The 'head back, eyes closed' approach is his favourite recording pose.

Dayglo Fishermen - Richard Burton Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill
Without a bass line, most songs would fizzle and die. So when a bass guitar track is needed, Richard is on the case like lightning.
Creating new sounds is an artform similar, in a metaphorical sense, to sculpturing. Peter is a master synthetic sculptor.

Dayglo Fishermen - Cozmic Studios Equipment
The 24-bit digital studio suite at Cozmic Studios. This custom-built facility is the nerve centre of Dayglo Fishermen. Only a privileged few know of its location, and even fewer have visited.

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