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Artlite Studios 1990 - 1994
Dayglo Fishermen - 1994 Dayglo Fishermen - With J. Lorne Inglis in the studio
Peter and Richard relax in the recreation area of Artlite Studios after the successful completion of the 'Big Spoon' album.

Richard rehearses with the eminent Scottish artist, J. Lorne Inglis, a guest musician on the 'The Dayglo Fishermen' album.
Dayglo Fishermen - Peter Fothergill and Richard Burton Recording 'What the Hell'
Peter and Richard during the recording of the 'What The Hell' album.

Dayglo Fishermen - Rehearsing
Richard and Eamonn Jam.

Dayglo Fishermen - Recording 'Strange Plaice'
The recording of the early Dayglo Fishermen albums was a frenetic, unrehearsed and highly unorganised process. Because of this the band created a highly original style, the essence of which survives to this day in the band's current creations.

Eamonn Maddick and David Fothergill Peter Carmichael
Eamonn and Dave make their contributions.
Peter Carmichael perfects his moves.

Dayglo Fishermen - Artlite Studios Equipment

The layout of the equipment in Artlite Studios. It was one of the most sophisticated studios in Hexham, Northumberland, and quickly became famous amongst local musicians. During breaks from writing and recording Dayglo Fishermen songs, Peter would occasionally allow some of those other musicians into the studio to record. When the studio closed in late 1994 there was great sadness.


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